Okay so today my husband and I took my oldest son to a play date at his new school. There are a lot of parents and kids, some older and some younger than my son. I thought this was an amazing event that the school set up so the kids could meet some of their classmates and teachers.  I’m pretty sure if you keep reading my blog you will see that I am very protective of my kids. Keep that in mind… So hubby and I got to meet some great people and their kids and we are standing in the playground watching our son climbing up some steps and all of a sudden the child that is above reaches in front of him and grabs my son’s cheeks and scratches him. Ummm… WHAT????? oh heck naw!!!! Are you kidding me right now? All this is going on in my head. I grab my son, that is now crying his eyes out and I look up at the child and tell him that he shouldn’t do that and what not. But in my head I’m screaming at this kid that just injured my child!!! I’m fuming! I am so pissed off at the thought that this could happen at a school event.  (The child I’m pretty sure was 2 years old) His mom approaches and reprimands her child picks him up and he starts screaming and crying, like if it was he who got attacked! She looks at us and apologizes and tells the child to apologize which he refuses (what 2 year old wants to apologize? I’m just saying.)  She apologizes like three times, this woman was so embarrassed.  My husband and I while we console our son we say it’s okay and we decide to move to another area in the playground.  Anyways, the point of this story is that Christians get mad and it’s okay.  It’s what you do with that emotion during the situation that dictates the outcome.  I got mad, I screamed in my head but I did not allow that woman to see that I was angry. I think sometimes people are way to emotional… I’m just saying.  They allow emotions to control their lives and make a situation so much worst then it should be.  I could have yelled at the kid, got in an argument with the mother and I could’ve been kicked out of the school ( I use to have a very bad temper, this could have happened back in the day… IJS) but instead I took control of my emotions.  James 1:19- “Know this my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;” Thanks for reading. Till next time.  


3 thoughts on “Confession : I get mad…

  1. Yes! I scream so hard in my head sometimes and then walk away silently. It’s so hard to keep my mouth shut when everything in me wants to just let the person have it! But that would not be a good witness of Christ’s love or compassion. I just need to get over myself sometimes and see things from other people’s point of view.


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