Confession: Sometimes I don’t shave my armpits…

IJS!!! So, I just got back from a mission trip with the youth group of my church.  (I will be writing about this later)We were gone for a whole week. This was my first time on a mission trip without my parents or my husband and it was challenging, to say the least.  

Sooo… I got hairy armpits and I can not lie… I went to the mission trip without shaving and I was going to come back without shaving. No big deal.  I don’t shave all the time and in my opinion that’s no big deal.  Anyways,  so we are in our fourth day of the trip and one of the college students and I have a inside joke about my hairy armpits. I had asked him in the beginning of the trip if he minded me not shaving armpits or if it made him uncomfortable? He went ahead at this time and poked my said hairy armpit. Ewwww you may say, gross, hairy armpits!!!! But anyhow, on the fourth day I had my arm up for some reason and he started staring at it. I told him jokingly ” Stop staring at my armpits” At this point one of the leaders says”You might want to shave because we are going to be in a more public setting.”(something like that) Ummm… What? OH no he didn’t!! It took so much to not give him an attitude and chew his head off.  So my emotions at this time were all out of wack.  I go to the room to calm down and think of it rationally. I know he wasn’t telling me to shave to be mean. In my mind I know he is trying to get in on the joke between me and the other person but all I am thinking is he wants me to look a certain way for when we go to this church.  I know it’s not a big deal but after dealing with an image problem and now finally being at a place where I don’t give a crap what people think of me it’s hard for someone that respect to tell me to do something he knows I don’t want to do. Anyways all this to say I shaved and then he apologized and I was like I shaved for nothing cause I let my emotions overrule my thoughts and actions when I knew all along that he didn’t mean it the way I heard it. Tragic!!! The enemy was trying to take my joy away and I kind of let him.  I know this post isn’t as exciting as my other posts but I felt the need to write it and get it off my chest. At the end of the day, we had a great time hairy armpits or not.  It’s not always about what you want but what example you are giving with your reaction and actions to the younger generation. I had 6 girls looking at me for what my reaction was and I prayed to God I had the right reaction. 

In conclusion: Don’t let the enemy take your joy away for the simple fact that you don’t want to shave your armpits. IJS. HAIRY ARMPITS!!

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